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Dividing Ridge, the Unsolved Murder of Elva Brannock

by Stacy Hawks

Dividing Ridge is based on a true crime that took place in Alleghany County, N.C. in 1937. The murder of a young school girl set this small mountain community on edge leaving no clues as to who the killer, or killers, might be. With news spreading quickly of her disappearance and gossip swirling, it is up to local law enforcement to restore a sense of safety and bring a murderer to justice.

But who could have committed such a heinous crime in a place were front doors went unlocked and where children still walked to and from school? Headlines suggested moonshiners, Parkway workers, and hinted at a secret romance.

Whoever it was that killed 17-year-old Elva Brannock on a cold February morning, was not about to disappear as she had, not if Sheriff Walter Irwin had anything to do with it.

Neither would Elva's story.

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